Thanks to Firefighters 4 Kids for their donation to Grant’s Emergency Dept


Firefighters 4 Kids


We thank Mike Mullen and Firefighter’s 4 Kids for their wonderful donation of small plush animals to Grant Medical Center’s Emergency Department (ED). They are a big hit with the children and families. It’s can be stressful when a loved one has to go to the ED, but this can be especially so during the holidays. The gift of this donation helps make it a little easier for some.


According to the program’s FaceBook page, Mike started the Firefighters 4 Kids program in 1977 from his basement. The Columbus Division of Fire employees donated gifts throughout the year, and the firefighters then would deliver the gifts to the houses of families that they knew needed assistance. The program has grown over the years and they can no longer hand deliver the toys, but that did not deter them from continuing the program. They looked for bigger and better ways to manage the needs and continue to provide the toys every year.


We appreciate the work Mike and his team of firefighters and supporters do to bring joy to families every year. Thanks.


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