Grant Medical Center Surgical Services Supporting the Franklin County Animal Shelter



Thanks to a compassionate group of associates at Grant Medical Center, abandoned, animals in Franklin County’s Dog Shelter are getting the care they need while OhioHealth goes green.


Kathy Campbell, RN, works in Grant’s Ambulatory Surgery Main Operating Room. As she was admitting a patient when the patient’s family member, Dr. Danielle Hamberg, a veterinarian at the shelter, told her that they are always in need of general surgical items.


As it turns out, hospitals regularly discard a variety of unused surgical items in compliance with federal regulations. Often, these items are still sealed and sterile. Kathy shared the shelter’s needs with Jean Haghiri, RN. Jean was able to get permission for Kathy to pull together a box of supplies for the shelter.


But Jean saw Kathy’s request as more than a donation to the shelter. “I’m a member of the Green Team,” says Jean. “This seemed like a perfect opportunity to keep these items out of the landfill while helping a deserving organization at the same time.”


One box of supplies was nice, but it didn’t take long for the program to gain traction. First, pre- and post-op nurses in Ambulatory Surgery began saving IV fluid. Then, Grant’s OR got involved when Clinical Team Leader Missy Hall, introduced the program to her team in a weekly meeting.


Before long, the “Throw Me a Bone” program was off and running.


“Throw Me a Bone” has been such a success that Dr. Hamberg now makes several trips per week to pick up the recycled supplies. With the help of the waiting room staff and valet services the boxes are loaded into her car and taken to the shelter.


“I am grateful to everyone at Grant who is involved in this process. It is a tremendous help to many homeless dogs who need care,” says Dr. Hamberg.


“This is a very easy way to help a worthy organization and our planet,” sums up Jean. “I would be glad to speak with anyone who is interested in starting a similar program in their department.”