National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) Hero Awards Information

About the National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE) Hero Awards

The Unsung Heroes: Know an instructor who has made a difference in your life? Have a colleague that is extraordinarily dedicated to EMS Education?

Here is an opportunity to recognize those individuals for their selfless commitment to EMS Education. This award is given to someone who, although not nationally known, makes an incredible difference in the lives of those he or she teaches. This individual is nominated by peers, students and colleagues in appreciation of his or her dedication to EMS education. The Recipient will receive travel, lodging and a waived registration to the 2011 NAEMSE Symposium in Reno, NV.

The Fallen Heroes of EMS Education: The Fallen Heroes award was created to honor individuals in EMS Education who, though no longer with us, had an incredible impact on the EMS education community.

Legends That Walk Among Us: A strong belief is held that the EMS community needs to honor those men and women who have helped shape EMS education nationally. This award allows us to thank to those individuals who have, and who continue to, mentor us, motivate us, and inspire us through their commitments to EMS education.

All nominations must be received in the NAEMSE Office by July 15, 2011. All Award Recipients will be honored at the 2011 NAEMSE Annual Symposium in Reno, NV.

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