2 thoughts on “Do you want to keep your National Registry EMS certification, but are still confused about the NREMT transition criteria?

  1. Janet L. Akins

    I had my license 29 yrs. ago and I am taking EMTB again at Northeast State Community College in Kingsport TN. I have a problem that I need to get resolved. I was signing up as an EMT candidate. I can not put my social security number in because I have been remarried since I had my license in 1991. It is under Janet L.. Brooks Can you please help me because I have already tried to change it. I think I have my old name brooks signed up to be candidate. i was trying to get rid of brooks and put Janet L. Akins. This the correct name. my phone number is 618-531-3782. Please call and help me change this so I can get signed up as a candidate for an EMTB.. I have no idea what username is or password of the account. I know I have a certificate dated November 2, 1991 given to me by the NATIONAL REGISTRY OF EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS AND THE NUMBER IN RIGHT HAND CORNER IS A421443. Thank You, Janet L. Akins

    1. OhioHealth EMS Post author

      Hi Janet, I’m sharing your information with the NREMT office and asking them to reach out to you. I will copy you on the email. Thanks, Mark Huckaby, EMS Operations Coordinator, OhioHealth EMS.


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