New stripes installed to improve wayfinding at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center

As part of our continuing effort to improve patient and guest satisfaction in the area of wayfinding, you will notice the installation of color-coded path designation stripes along certain main thoroughfares in the hospital. Our hope is that patients and visitors will find it simple to follow these paths to their destination as the color designations are consistent with our campus map and existing directional signage.

The colored stripes are placed lower on the walls, well within sight lines, as recommended by feedback on our satisfaction surveys. For wayfinding purposes, using consistent terminology when assisting patients and visitors is important. The paths and corresponding colors are:

+ Main Hospital (main lobby, cafeteria, chapel, etc.) – “follow the green path”

+ Surgical and Heart Center (surgery waiting, gift shop, MRI) – “follow the blue path”

+ Bone and Joint Center – “follow the maroon path”

+ Emergency Department (Sixth St. entrance, Wilkins) – “follow the red path”

Only a portion of this project is presently being installed as a test. Let our EMS Coordinator know any feedback you have.