Save the Date for Grant's Trauma Care Conference on November 8-9, 2011

The Trauma Program at Grant Medical Center is proud to present the 2011 Trauma Care conference.This year’s focus is on the many aspects of communication surrounding the care of the trauma patient. It is our hope that you will find the conference intellectually challenging and professionally rewarding. The conference will explore traditional practices versus current evidence based practices that are beneficial to the trauma patient. For example, are we fluid resuscitating our patients appropriately or do we need to change our practice? Communicating changes in practice and patient’s status is essential to effective trauma care. We are honored to welcome Dr Martin Schreiber and Janet Froetscher as the keynote speakers at this year’s event.


Dr. Schreiber will challenge our current thinking in fluid resuscitation and associated coagulapathies. He is a nationally renowned traumatologist with extensive research in the areas of fluid resuscitation and coagulapathies. A well‐known lecturer, Dr. Schreiber has spoken at several national trauma meetings including the 2011 Trauma Critical Care Acute Care Surgery conference in Las Vegas. Currently he is a professor and the Chief of the Division of Trauma and Critical Care for Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. He has authored numerous articles on coagulapathy and complications from fluid resuscitation. Furthermore, he is a native Ohioan and we welcome him back to the Midwest.


Janet Froetscher is the President and CEO of the National Safety Council. She is passionate on the risk of distracted driving and has appeared on several national television programs including Oprah and Dateline advocating for injury prevention. She has been influential in advocating for six states to pass no hand held cell phone use laws while driving. She tirelessly continues to help other states in the same direction. Her dedication to preventing distracted driving, including texting while driving, is an integral part of trauma injury prevention. She has a message that we can all communicate to our patients, families, and friends.


After this informative two days you should be able to effectively handle these challenges. Grant Medical Center continues to strive to be the leader in trauma care for Ohio setting pace with national programs in treatment, service, research, and innovation. We continually challenge the status quo of health care and work tirelessly to “Improve the health of those we serve.” 


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