Grant is Central Ohio Hotspot for MAKO Robot

The MAKO robot, known throughout Grant as “Kneemo,” is making itself at home. An asset to the Bone and Joint Center team, the robot has already aided surgeons in many MAKOplasty procedures. The robot uses state-of-the-art robotic arm technology to resurface only the diseased portion of the knee,leaving the healthy areas intact. The popularity of what the MAKO robot offers is undeniable – the minimally invasive procedure coupled with fast recovery time is making MAKOplasty a great option for a variety of patients. To date, Grant has performed significantly more MAKO procedures than any other hospital in central Ohio. And with more Grant physicians being trained in the procedure, the preference for MAKO at Grant is expected to continue growing.

Recently, Grant hosted a seminar for potential patients who wanted to learn more about the new procedure. “People are genuinely interested in this technology” said Robert Bartley III, MD. And not only does the MAKO robot have a busy schedule, but it’s getting rave reviews as well. Sharat Kusuma, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Grant, shared one patient’s success: “One patient who had the procedure done was amazed at how fast he recovered. He had been having knee pain for nearly seven years and he couldn’t believe how easy the surgery was for him.”