New Advanced Stroke Life Support classes added; free courtesy of The OhioHealth Stroke Network

The course is designed for healthcare providers that may assess or manage a stroke patient, including hospital and pre-hospital professionals.


Learning Goals:

Describe why early treatment may result in a marked reduction in risk of disability

Identify the five main stroke syndromes and relate them to pathophysiology and clinical signs

Perform focused evaluation to identify stroke, its location and severity, and t-PA contraindications


Key Components:

Hands-on skills training

Instructors simulate stroke syndromes

Learners perform the MEND Examination, a unique neurologic assessment tool developed for the UM ASLS course

Computer-based multimedia skills training

Interactive discussions

Didactic sessions


Class schedule and registration form is available on our Outreach Education page at:


For more information, email lifelink (at) ohiohealth (dot) com or call the LifeLink office at (614) 566-9111 Option 1.