Nominations are open for the John P Moore Memorial EMS Award for Excellence

John P. Moore was an invaluable member of the Grant Medical Center family.
For 25 years, John served as a part-time paramedic instructor at Grant, and
a paramedic instructor for the Columbus Division of Fire.
John was instrumental in the creation of Grant LifeFlight’s first remote helicopter base
in Wellston, Ohio; the first of its kind in the country.
This base helped to increase the rapid response of helicopter crews in southern Ohio
and helped to significantly improve patient survival rates in rural areas.
John dedicated his professional life to the continued success of the Grant Trauma program
and Grant’s LifeLink program. His contributions to the improvement of care for
pre-hospital patients through his efforts at the Columbus Division of Fire,Grant LifeFlight,
Grant LifeLink and Grant’s Paramedic School are invaluable.
Award Description
To pay honor to his memory, Grant Medical Center is proud to present
The John P. Moore Memorial EMS Award for Excellence.
This award is presented annually to an EMS First Responder, EMT or Paramedic
working in central, southern or southeastern Ohio.
The honored individual’s character, as demonstrated through their actions as an
EMS advocate, educator, leader, mentor or provider,
has affected the lives of others by creating a positive, long-lasting impact
in the provision of emergency medical services.
Award Eligibility Criteria
A nominee for the John P. Moore Memorial EMS Award for Excellence must:
§ Be an EMS provider, with a current and valid certification issued by
the State of Ohio, Division of EMS as a First Responder, EMT Basic, EMT-Intermediate or Paramedic; and
§ Be an EMS provider with no disciplinary actions against them by
the Ohio State Board of Emergency Medical Services; and
§ Be a member in good-standing of a recognized EMS organization that responds
within central, southern or southeastern Ohio
to emergencies and other requests, including those made by the public-at-large; and
§ Meet the spirit of the award description
Nomination Deadline
April 16, 2012 @ 9:00 AM
Nomination Packet
Detailed information is available in the award nomination packet.
Click Here for Information and Nomination Packet