Quick Tip: EMS-ED Patient Hand-off

The hand-off from EMS to receiving hospital personnel is critical to good patient care and the continuum of care. To ensure a smooth transition of care, please provide a verbal patient hand-off report to the receiving ED staff on arrival. This report should include the same type of information provided in your incoming report made during transport and any updated information, including medications given and their response, level of consciousness changes, etc.

If a patient’s medication list, transfer documentation, previous discharge instructions, etc is available, please provide copies to ED staff. This helps ensure patient safety and a more complete patient chart.

Please leave a copy of your EMS medical record/PCR with the patient’s nurse before leaving. If not available, leave an abbreviated record with pertinent information and submit your complete record as soon as possible. EMS medical records may be faxed to the receiving ED, if needed. Check with ED staff for the correct EMS fax number at any of our hospitals and emergency departments.

If you ever have a question or need, please never hesitate to ask the ED charge nurse, a staff member or the EMS contact for the facility. You are appreciated. Stay safe!