What Happened to Grant LifeLink? We’re Bigger and Better than Ever!

We’re still here! Along with Grant EMS Education.

As OhioHealth’s hospital and healthcare locations and services have expanded across the state, so have our resources for EMS. Over the last 32 years, you have known us as Grant LifeFlight, then Grant LifeLink. To better reflect our growth and expanding scope of services, our name has changed to OhioHealth Emergency Medical Services.

OhioHealth Emergency Medical Services is comprised of multiple divisions that are each dedicated to supporting EMS. Among those are Outreach Education (continuing education resources), EMS Professions (our EMT school and nationally-accredited paramedic school), and EMS Operations (clinical and operational resources: Hospital EMS Coordinators, clinical and service excellence, research, system development, medical direction, etc.).

OhioHealthEMS.com is our online hub for all of OhioHealth’s EMS resources. It has been created from the ground up and is now available on both desktop and mobile smart devices. You can also find us on our social media channels at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

If any of our team members at OhioHealth can assist you in anyway, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.