OhioHealth is EMS Strong and Getting Stronger

You may have noticed subtle changes over the last several months such as the rebranding of this web site! But there are more changes occurring—all designed around strengthening the ways that we connect with and support our partners in EMS.

It’s all come to fruition as the broadened OhioHealth Emergency Medical Services program. You are familiar with the educational aspects of our program. WE have been partners with EMS since the inception of Grant Life Flight, LifeLink and our EMT and Paramedics Schools in 1982. We have more than a dozen active physicians serving as EMS Medical Directors, and now WE are a coordinated system, a group of EMS Medical Directors and Leaders, with shared resources and experiences.

Our Medical Directors are involved as local community leaders and serve in leadership roles at OhioHealth hospitals and emergency departments. Many serve leadership EMS roles in regional, state and even national organizations. Our EMS physicians are backed by the resources of OhioHealth. From trauma to obstetrics, orthopedics to oncology, and cardiovascular to neuroscience, we offer a full service resource for your organizations and your patients’ needs, including simulation and experiential learning.

OhioHealth EMS is now led by Robert Lowe, MD, medical director; Eric Cortez, MD, associate medical director; and system program director Holly Herron, DNP, RN, CNS, CCRN, CEN, Paramedic. This leadership team brings a breadth of experience to the program, having spent years collaborating with EMS.

rob lowe 800x600Dr. Lowe has worked in OhioHealth Doctors Hospital’s Emergency Department for nearly 10 years. He is the EMS medical director to more than 10 Ohio Fire Departments. Dr. Lowe is an active EMS mentor and frequently requested speaker and educator. He is an avid hands-on practitioner with an interest is simulation and creating real-life experiences for the learner. Dr. Lowe is also board certified in EMS, a new subspecialty in organized medicine (approximately 235 physicians in the country currently hold this board certification).  He is active in Central Ohio Trauma System, currently serving as President of the Board. And serves on the National EMS Committee of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

eric cortez 800x600Dr. Eric Cortez is a fellowship-trained EMS physician and board-certified emergency medicine physician. He practices at Ohio Health Doctors Hospital’s Emergency Department, and also serves as associate medical director for the Columbus Division of Fire. He is a member of the medical oversight committee for the Ohio Department of Public Safety EMS Board, and the prehospital and clinical trauma committees for the Central Ohio Trauma Systems. He is actively involved in several EMS education, quality improvement and research endeavors.

holly herron 800x600Holly Herron has served as the LifeLink and EMS education program manager since 1995. In addition, she’s clinical coordinator of the undergraduate program for Otterbein University’s department of nursing. She was also an active flight nurse for over 30 years with Life Flight and MedFlight.  Holly has 35 years of critical care nursing and paramedic experience. She is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and holds a post-graduate certificate in Advanced Practice Nurse Education.

Everything we do comes down to improving the health of those we serve. And, our EMS partners make that possible. You are a big part of WE. Moving into the future, we’re committed to making our OhioHealth EMS program even STRONGER. Our leaders welcome feedback, so to reach them, please contact the OhioHealth EMS program by email: ems@ohiohealth.com, by phone: (614) 566-9111 or mail: OhioHealth EMS, 393 E Town St, Ste 214, Columbus Oh 43215.