Public safety broadband network information

From the Ohio Division of EMS…


There is a new player in the battle for public safety broadband who sounds like a public safety broadband network supporter but is not.

“Connect Public Safety Now” ( was, until December 2nd, the “4G Coalition”. Under both names, it is T-Mobile, Sprint, MetroPCS and others who want the broadband D Block opened for general auction, rather than allocated to public safety, so that they can buy more bandwidth to better compete with Verizon and AT&T (who claimed the lion’s share of bandwidth in the last auction and could be limited from participating in an open D Block auction).

We continue to seek Congressional and White House action to have the D Block allocated to public safety and are continuing to make good progress. The Senate (S.3756)and House(HR. 5081) bills have gained co-sponsors and momentum and will be reissued under new numbers early next session. Please take a look at the Public Safety Alliance (to which NASEMSO belongs) website at for updates.

“Connect Public Safety Now” (CPSN) is a new store window for the 4G Coalition whose message fell flat under its old name. You may be well be asked for your thoughts on this group. Buyer beware.

I have attached the ex parte communication that CPSN filed for a meeting with the FCC after it changed its name.


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