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ED Canopy Renovations at OhioHealth Berger Hospital

Great news from our OhioHealth Berger Hospital team!

What is happening?

We will be renovating the current Emergency Room EMS Entrance to add a second covered bay and upgrade the materials on the current bay.  This work will begin on Monday March 20th through Monday May 22nd.

We are asking all EMS units to use the Emergency Department’s main entrance Monday-Friday from 6:00 am-3:30 pm.  We will have the normal EMS entrance open all other times during the day and weekends.

Exciting News! $400 million investment in healthcare services, emergency, trauma, and critical care in downtown Columbus

To our valued Fire and EMS Partners:

OhioHealth has exciting news to share about a major investment in downtown Columbus, and I want you to be among the first to know. Attached is the president’s message with details that went out to our associates earlier. We’ll be sharing this message with the media later today.

Grant has served our downtown community for more than 100 years. With this $400 million investment, we’ll be able to serve our growing community for the next 100 years and beyond. This work will create the medical campus downtown Columbus needs and deserves.

We’re incredibly excited for the future of Grant, and we thank you for your support and partnership as we start this journey.

More information > President’s message


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